Hue Sun CHAN • Uof T Pictures • Four Seasons '99-'00

    Copyright © 1999, 2000 Hue Sun Chan.

    Summer 1999

    Front campus and University College, University of Toronto

    Knox College, courtyard

    Knox College

    Knox College, cloister

    University College, main entrance in the sunset

    University College at dusk


    Fall 1999

    Sanford Fleming Building (Engineering)

    University College

    Front campus

    University College, courtyard

    University College

    Walkway by the Tanz Neuroscience Building


    Winter 1999, 2000

    Front campus, after a snow storm in January 1999

    Front campus and University College, January 2000

    University College, January 2000

    Walkway between University College and
    Sir Daniel Wilson Residence, January 2000

    University College, courtyard, January 2000

    Philosopher's Walk by the Royal Ontario
    Museum, January 2000


    Spring 2000

    A budding tree on campus

    Outside Knox College

    University College, courtyard

    Blooming magnolia

    McMurrich Building, Faculty of Medicine

    Rainbow over Medical Sciences Building
    CN Tower in the background



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