UC Berkeley Pictures • 1981-87

    Copyright © 1983-87, 2006 Hue Sun Chan.

    View of Berkeley and San Francisco Bay from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, 1984

    Le Conte Hall, Room 209, Department of Physics
    teaching assistants' office, 1983
    A game of ping-pong with Shobhit Mahajan

    Outside Room 209 of Le Conte Hall, 1983
    A game of Go, or Weiqi, with Oren Cheyette

    Le Conte Hall, Room 209, 1984

    "Campanile" (Sather Tower), an enchanting view from the courtyard outside Hertz Hall, 1984

    20th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement
    Sproul Plaza, 1984

    Bishop Desmond Tutu speaking at the
    Greek Theatre, 1985

    Doe Library, 1984

    Lobby of UC Theatre, 1984

    July 4, 1985, fireworks at the Berkeley Marina
    viewed from Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL)

    Outside Building 50A of LBL, 1987
    Coffee-cup art by Dr. Oren Cheyette


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