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    A simple explicit-polar-solvent model of
    polyampholyte phase behaviors and its
    ramifications for dielectric effects in
    biomolecular condensates

    Vol. 125, pp. 4337-4358 (2021), by
    J. Wessén, T. Pal, S. Das, Y.-H. Lin & H.S. Chan

    Pressure effects on a SynGAP/PSD-95 condensate
    model of postsynaptic densities and their
    biophysical and neurological ramifications

    Vol. 26, pp. 11024-11031 (2020), by
    H. Cinar, R. Oliva, Y.-H. Lin, X. Chen,
    M. Zhang, H.S. Chan & R. Winter

    Analytical theory for sequence-specific
    binary fuzzy complexes of polyampholytes

    Vol. 124, pp. 6709-6720 (2020), by
    A.N. Amin, Y.-H. Lin, S. Das & H.S. Chan

    Pressure effects on the phase separation
    behaviors of an intrinsically disordered protein

    Vol. 24, pp. 8286-8291 (2018), by
    H. Cinar, S. Cinar, H.S. Chan & R. Winter

    The why and how of DNA unlinking

    Vol. 37, pp. 661-671 (2009), by
    Z. Liu, R.W. Deibler, H.S. Chan & L. Zechiedrich

    Protein evolution during an apparently
    neutral drift can be quickened by the selection
    of nondominant, "promiscuous" functions
    performed by excited-state conformations

    Vol. 1, pp. 79-87 (2007), by
    R. Wroe, H.S. Chan & E. Bornberg-Bauer

    Type-2 Topoisomerases may unknot by
    inferring global DNA topology from
    local juxtaposition geometry

    Vol. 361, pp. 268-285 (2006), by
    Z. Liu, J.K. Mann, E.L. Zechiedrich & H.S. Chan

    Kinetic interpretation of thermodynamic
    native-state hydrogen exchange data:
    Validity and limitation

    Vol. 58, pp. 31-44 (2005), by H. Kaya & H.S. Chan

    Local-nonlocal coupling:
    A physical rationalization of
    topology-dependent folding rates

    Vol. 52, pp. 524-533 (2003), by H. Kaya & H.S. Chan

    Anti-cooperativity and cooperativity in
    elementary hydrophobic interactions

    Vol. 48, pp. 15-30 (2002), by S. Shimizu & H.S. Chan

    A simple polymer model of
    prion folding, misfolding, and aggregation

    Vol. 286, pp. 593-606 (1999), by
    P.M. Harrison, H.S. Chan, S.B. Prusiner & F.E. Cohen

    Hills on the energy landscape
    can slow folding

    Vol. 30, pp. 2-33 (1998), by H.S. Chan & K.A. Dill

    Views of protein folding:
    From Levinthal to pathways to funnels

    Vol. 4, pp. 10-19 (1997), by K.A. Dill & H.S. Chan


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