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    Group Picture, December 2018

    (left to right ) Jonas Wessén, Hue Sun Chan, Yi-Hsuan Lin, Mitch Kovarik (system administrator), Tanmoy Pal, Suman Das,
    Andrea Guljas (rotation graduate student), Alan Amin (undergraduate project student, pictured separately)

    Group Picture, October 2015

    (left to right ) Jianhui Song (current webpage), Yi-Hsuan Lin, Heinrich Krobath, Tobias Sikosek, Hue Sun Chan
    [Not pictured here: Mitch Kovarik, system administrator (see below)]

    Group Picture, February 2014

    (left to right ) Hüseyin Kaya (visiting professor), Hue Sun Chan, Mitch Kovarik (system administrator),
    Tao Chen (current webpage), Jianhui Song (current webpage), Tobias Sikosek,
    Sheung Chun "John" Ng (visiting graduate student from HKUST)
    [Not pictured here: Loan Huynh (see below)]

    Group member Loan Huynh (left) and collaborator Régis Pomès (right)
    [March 2014]

    Group Picture, December 2009

    (Front, left to right ) Cristiano Dias (current webpage), Zhuqing Zhang (current webpage)
    (Back, left to right ) Tao Chen (current webpage), Mitch Kovarik (system administrator),
    Mostafa Fatehi (rotation graduate student), Hue Sun Chan, Jianhui Song (current webpage)

    Group Picture, November 2005

    (Front, left to right ) Artem Badasyan (current webpage), Maria Sabaye Moghaddam (current webpage),
    Stefan Wallin (current webpage)
    (Back, left to right ) Hue Sun Chan, Mitch Kovarik, Michael Knott, Mikael Borg (current webpage),
    Zhirong Liu (current webpage)


    Group members at the Annual Protein Folding Consortium (PFC) Conferences

    Tanmoy Pal (left) explaining his poster "Correlation between single molecule properties and phase separation propensity of intrinsically disordered proteins in atomistic and field theoretic simulations: A preliminary report" to an interested participant of the PFC-2019 at the Washington University in St. Louis, June 7-9, 2019

    Jonas Wessén (right) explaining his poster "Field theoretic simulations of biomolecular condensates: A preliminary report" during PFC-2019 at the Washington University in St. Louis, June 7-9, 2019

    Suman Das (right) explaining his poster "Coarse-grained simulations of disordered protein condensates: Effect of interaction potentials and charge pattern parameters" during PFC-2019 at the Washington University in St. Louis, June 7-9, 2019

    Moonrise Hotel near campus, where most PFC-2019 participants stayed.

    Moonrise on June 7, during PFC-2019.

    Yi-Hsuan Lin (left) explaining his poster to an interested participant of the PFC-2018 at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, June 8-10, 2018.

    Poster session, PFC-2018, A. Alfred Taubman Biomedical Science Research Building, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

    Downtown Ann Arbor at night, during PFC-2018.

    Suman Das (left) and Yi-Hsuan Lin (right) attending the PFC-2017 conference at the
    University of California at Berkeley (UCB), June 2-4, 2017.
    Picture taken in front of the Sather Gate.

    The "Campanile" - Sather Tower, UCB.

    Jun'17 window view from "Graduate Berkeley" Hotel (formerly Hotel Durant, 1928-2017).

    Poster session, PFC-2017, Stanley Hall, UBC.

    Another view of the posters at PFC-2017,
    Stanley Hall, UBC.

    Yi-Hsuan (right) explaining his poster "Sequence-specific behaviors of charged intrinsically disordered proteins in liquid-liquid phase separation" to an interested participant of the PFC-2017 at UBC.

    Suman (right) explaining his poster "Monte Carlo simulations of phase separation of intrinsically disordered proteins: A preliminary report" to an interested participant of the PFC-2017 at UBC.

    (Left to right) Heinrich Krobath, Yi-Hsuan Lin, and Tobias Sikosek
    at the PFC-2016 conference at the Washington University in
    St. Louis (WUS), Missouri, June 10-12, 2016.

    Warming up between talks at the PFC-2016 WUS conference.

    Tobias giving a brief summary of his poster "Protein bi-stability
    and evolutionary switches" at the PFC conference, Washington
    University in St. Louis (WUS), Missouri, June 2016.

    Tobias (right) explaining his poster to an interested participant
    of the PFC-2016 conference at WUS.

    Heinrich giving a brief summary of his poster "Volumetric physics
    of helix-coil transitions" at the PFC-2016 at WUS.

    Heinrich (right) explaining his poster to interested participants
    of the PFC-2016 conference at WUS.

    Yi-Hsuan (right) explaining his poster "Sequence-specific
    polyampholyte phase separation in membraneless organelles"
    to an interested participant of the PFC-2016 conference at WUS.

    Brookings Quadrangle, WUS Danforth Campus on June 13, 2016.

    Tao Chen (right) explaining his poster "Effects of desolvation
    barriers and side chains on local-nonlocal coupling and
    chevron behaviors in coarse-grained models of protein folding"
    at the PFC conference, University of Michigan at Ann Arbor,
    May/June 2014.

    Tao (right) discussing his poster during PFC-2014 in Ann Arbor, MI.

    Tobias Sikosek (middle) discussing his poster "Escape from
    adaptive conflicts in the evolution of protein folds:
    Bi-stability, mutational robustness, and gene duplication" at
    PFC-2013, University of California at Berkeley.

    Tao explaining his poster "Interplay of native topology
    and specific nonnative interactions in the different
    folding mechanisms of bacterial immunity proteins Im7
    and Im9" at the 2013 PFC conference in Berkeley.


    (left to right ) Tao Chen, Tobias Sikosek, and Jianhui Song
    in front of parking spaces reserved for Nobel Laureates (PFC
    conference at the U. of California at Berkeley, May/June 2013).

    Jianhui discussing his poster "Polycation-π interactions are a driving force for molecular recognition by an intrinsically disordered oncoprotein family" with Tobias during PFC-2013.

    Group members at work


    Suman Das (left) and Alan Amin (undergraduate project
    student, right) at work in MSB 5363 (March 29, 2018).

    Yi-Hsuan Lin discusses math with Alan,
    Medical Sciences Building (MSB) 5363 (March 29, 2018).

    Group Re-union, July 29, 2016
    former and current group members

    (left to right ) Hüseyin Kaya [postdoctoral fellow (PDF) 1999-2003, current visiting professor from Gaziantep University, Turkey],
    Zhuqing Zhang (PDF 2008-2012, current visiting professor from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China),
    Seishi Shimizu (PDF 1999-2003, currently at University of York, UK), Adam Eisen (current undergraduate summer research student from
    Queen's University, Ontario, Canada), Hue Sun Chan, Yi-Hsuan Lin (current PDF), Cristiano Dias (PDF 2009-2011, currently at
    New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ, USA), Heinrich Krobath (current PDF), and Tobias Sikosek (current PDF)



    Federal and provincial ministers visited our computational laboratory prior to the announcement of massive financial support to upgrade nearly half of the labs at UofT

    July 28, 2016

    Read More

    (Left to right ) Han Dong (Ontario MPP, Trinity-Spadina), Navdeep Bains (Federal Minister of Innovation, Science & Economic Development), Kristy Duncan (Federal Minister of Science), Trevor Young (Dean of UofT Faculty of Medicine), Meric Gertler (President of UofT),
    Hue Sun Chan, and Reza Moridi (Ontario Minister of Research & Innovation) in Medical Sciences Building Room 5363 (photo by Tobias Sikosek).


    Group Gathering, December 15, 2018
    group members and friends


    Group Gathering, February 22, 2014
    (23rd day of the East Asian Lunar New Year)
    group members and friends


    (Left to right ) Hue Sun Chan, Stefan Wallin, Zhirong Liu, and Hüseyin Kaya at Antico Caffè San Marco, Trieste.



    Farewell Dinner for Miia and Micke, December 4, 2007

    (left to right ) Miia, Mikael (Micke) Borg, Artem Badasyan,
    Mitch Kovarik, Allison Ferguson

    Micke and Artem
    (At the Matahari Bar & Grill on Baldwin Street)



    Hiking Beaver River Valley, Ontario, March 29, 2006

    (left to right ) Zhirong Liu, Mikael Borg, Artem Badasyan,
    David Vernazobres (David is a visiting graduate
    student from University of Münster, Germany)

    (left to right ) Michael Knott, Zhirong Liu, Artem Badasyan



    Evening at the "Duke of York," Toronto, March 14, 2006

    David Vernazobres, visiting graduate student from
    the group of Prof. Erich Bornberg-Bauer at the
    University of Münster, Germany

    (left to right ) Zhirong Liu, David Vernazobres, Michael Knott


    Group Gathering, November 26, 2005
    group members and friends


    Michael and Zhirong hiked the Canadian Rockies, September, 2005

    Michael Knott, Moraine Lake, Alberta (September 3, 2005)

    Michael, Gargoyle Valley, Alberta (September 5, 2005)

    Zhirong Liu, Cirque Peak, Alberta (September 6, 2005)

    Michael, Cirque Peak, Alberta (September 6, 2005)

    Zhirong, Cirque Peak, Alberta (September 6, 2005)


    Silent Lake, Ontario, June 12, 2005

    Mikael (Micke) Borg



    Autumn Colours at McCrae Lake, Ontario, October 24, 2004

    Stefan Wallin

    Michael Knott

    Michael Knott

    Zhirong Liu


    Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, November 19, 2003

    (left to right ) Stefan Wallin, Michael Knott, Zhirong Liu

    Richard Wroe, visiting graduate student from
    The School of Biological Sciences, Victoria University of Manchester, U.K., and working in the research
    group of Prof. Erich Bornberg-Bauer at the
    University of Münster, Germany


    Group Dinner, January 3, 2003

    Seishi Shimizu (left, current webpage) and Hüseyin Kaya (right, current webpage)

    Michael Knott


    Hüseyin Kaya at the group BBQ by Lake Ontario
    August 4, 2002



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